BDA`S Akrama-Sakrama ran into trouble-PIL filed in the High Court

The Bangalore Development Authority`s latest move to regularise the illegal and unauthorised occupation and construction of building in BDA lands, ran into serious trouble with a PIL filed in the High Court of Karnataka and notices sent to Government.

BDA`s problems are never ending, come out with too many innovative ideas to regularise these types of violations.

The Regularisation of unauthorised Construction scheme (Akrama-Sakrama) mooted by the State Government is languishing at the Supreme Court, and now, the Government amended the BDA Act to regularise the illegal occupants and their buildings, on Public (BDA) Property, which was severely criticized by the public.

This matter will also take its own sweet time for the redressal and might knock the doors of the Supreme Court as expected.

The Akrama-Sakrama scheme pending before the Apex Court has not seen the light of the day. It might take more years, before, the outcome. but, the violations and unauthorised constructions go unabated.