BBMP E-Aasthi Digital Property Records and the B Katha?

It is widely discussed about the properties across the Bangalore city with deviations, violations and irregularities of every kind, which were accorded or issued Katha Certificates by the BBMP, till date, few A Kathas and many B Kathas, are totally confused and worried about their future.

  1. Is it possible under this E-Aasthi to legitimize or accept illegalities (deviations-violations-irregularities) and record the same in the property records?
  2. Will it not invite judicial intervention?
  3. B Katha (Arre Kaliya thera kya hogare) What will happen to this BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB`Katha?
  4. The impact will be so tremendous, the genuine property owners are trigger happy and the others might find it too difficult to digest and manage.
  5. The effects will be on the titles of the property, claimants, tenants and the actual possessors of the property.
  6. Many tenants are not aware of the original owners of the property across the city and this issue will come up in couple of years.