Property Inspection, before paying the booking amount- A New concept is contactless online inspection

Due to pandemic, a new concept in India has arrived- CONTACTLESS ONLINE INSPECTION, though the principles are welcome, but, this process or system is still in infancy stage.

The property must be thoroughly inspected by an approved Chartered Engineer, specialised in checking the materials used in construction, structural design, compliance, quality and the durability of the materials used. This is a slightly complex inspection, quite expensive to Indian Standards, and majority of the buyers are not inclined to opt for this. Rather, the buyers, are happy and satisfied with the specifications displayed in the brochure or the descriptions handed over by the builders.

If the property is inspected by a competent Chartered Engineer, 75% of the properties might not get a positive report, as the builders try to economise the construction cost, which includes input materials used, might not ever reach standard qualities expected by the buyers of the property, whereas, it will comply with the parameters set by the Govt appropriate authorities.

It is strongly advised to gather information and collect the details of the materials used for the construction, well before, entering into the agreement of sale, from the seller/owner/developer in writing. Furthermore, it is very important to inspect the property thoroughly before the purchase, either residential or agricultural.

We have not come across, buyers actually measuring the Built Up Area or the Carpet Area, with a notion that the extent or the size or the measurement stated by the seller is true and genuine and majority of the developers deliver, what has been detailed in the sale agreement and sale deed.

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