Property Management Service

Legal opinion or Title Clearance.
DC conversion of properties.
Permission for the change of land use
Procurement of title deeds, Encumbrance Certificates, Mother Deeds, RTC, Mutation and Katha Certificate and Katha Certificate, Akarband, Atlas, Survey Sketch, Survey, Tippany and related survey documents from the concerned BBMP/BDA/THALUK OFFICE and Sub-Registrar Office.
Examination and Verification of original Title Deeds in the concerned Government Offices.
Verification and Compliance of buildings and Conformity Reports regarding the Buildings with Sanctioned Building Plans and other licenses.
Payment of revenue/municipal Taxes.
Payment of Betterment levies.
Survey of the properties
Katha Transfers. (bulk-apartments)
Regularisation of un authorized layouts, buildings, and complexes. Regularisation of deviations from the sanctioned building plans.(Akrama-Sakrama)
Permission to buy agricultural lands from AC.
Drafting legal agreements/lease agreements/sale agreement/GPA/SPA/Absolute Sale Deed
Execution of property registration at the concerned Sub-Registrar Office.