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B khata is bogus.
BBMP is bogus.

The only thing that is real is the money you pay to get this bogus piece of paper that is issued by a bogus organization.

The architect of this bogus scheme is the government of the day from the top down to the BBMP sub-registrars. Naturally, the money flows from down all the way to the top.

Which is why they let ordinary people believe that a B khata could secure their property title, collected enough revenue and decided one day to declare it invalid?

The counter argument to this would be that BBMP never claimed that it is a Khata certificate – Just that it is entry in the B register. As a government organization meant to serve the public, shouldn’t they be more clear about what the
B register means?

Of course, why would they want to be clear? All they want is an easy way to pocket your hard earned money so that they can purchase a second or thirty second BDA site for themselves.

When the same people in the government noticed that their many BDA sites weren’t appreciating fast enough for their liking, they realized that this was because the middle class could not afford BDA sites and were purchasing BBMP sites on loan. So they pull out the ‘bogus’ card and wait for their sites to sell like hot cakes (now that there are no loans for B-khata sites).

Once these revenues dry up, they will pull out the Akrama-Sakrama card, pocket hefty revenues. Then, announce betterment fees, pocket more revenues…

Now, you know why these sites are called ‘revenue’ sites?


  1. The government clearly mentions on that document (what people call B-Khata) that it is just a “Form-B Property Register”, which is for “properties that do not have Khata/PID number”. No where it says that it is a Khata.

    There are always people who try to make money by telling stories, and may fall into their trap. The key problem is that people do not get the relevant information from the Govt. sources, which makes it difficult to make a right purchase decision.

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