2804 Acres of Government land is encroached by LAND MAFIA – A revenue Department Report to the Govt- A news paper publication

The State Government appointed a Legislature Committee to study the land grabbing and encroachment of Government lands in the state and at Bangalore rural and urban districts and the committee submitted startling report that over 20,000 acres of Govt land had been encroached.  The Govt formed a SPECIAL TASK FORCE FOR THE RECOVERY OF ENCROACHED LAND, headed by retired IAS officer Mr.V.Balasubramanian to verify and suggest various measures to stop such encroachments and the procedures to recover the same.

Based on the reports of the Joint Legislature Committee and STF reports, the Revenue Department conducted internal investigation and formed 60 teams to detect the encroachments.  The team stumbled upon over 428 cases and found that over 2804 acres of Government land had been encroached by fraudsters by fabricating documents. Most of the cases are related to Inamthi lands, grant land and by the orders by the DC (who is under suspension).

The Revenue department has suggested that the lands must be recovered from the mafia, which is worth over few thousand crores and initiate criminal proceedings against the offenders.

Majority of such fake/fabricated documents and properties are found in Bangalore North District, which includes 41 villages, 609 alleged fraudsters and over 1204 acres of land only in VARTHUR,BIDARAHALLY,K.R.PURAM and 840 acres in Bangalore East Taluk.

It is also said that the discovery is just the tip off the iceberg, more land grabbing cases are yet to be detected.

Buyers in these areas are advised caution.  Most of the grant lands appear to be Government Lands.