DC order- Bangalore-400+ files are under review scrutiny and appeal

The State Government and the Special Task Force have scrutinised 400+ files and are in the process of filing appeal before KAT to quash the orders of the Special Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore Urban, Bangalore.  The Task Force has discovered and detected that all the orders are issued in contravention to the said Acts.

The lands bought or dealt or transacted between 2008-2011 based on these orders will be in for legal and judicial scrutiny and might be declared void.

We are glad, that we have rejected few files, offered to us for scrutiny, based on these orders,even before the task force discovered it.

The task force set up by the Government to recover Government lands have discovered that Rs1,500 crores worth of properties in Bangalore Urban District had been lost by the aforesaid illegal orders of the Special Deputy Commissioner, who was the SDC from 2008-2010, will be held responsible for the loss and will recover the properties soon.