New Startups and Entrepreneurs with NOVEL SCHEMES AND IDEAS are promoting MANAGED FARMS, Farm Houses, Farm land and many agriculture related projects at the 200% cost of the buyers.

Most of the promoters are highly qualified (needless to say that such degrees are suitable for jobs) with attractive websites, schemes and offices and with very limited scope for the generation of such high returns or yields. There may be some exception, but, 90%, is not viable.

Agriculture is the oldest of the profession and nearly 70% of our population is engaged in Agriculture and related activities for livelihood.

Farm Houses with club houses offered by the promoters are very highly priced. 5,000 sft to 10,000 sft of agriculture land or in terms of village dialect it is called 5 guntas or 10 guntas respectively, being charged between Rs.10,00,000/- to Rs.20,00,000/-. Intelligent investors and buyers can buy such properties in the same area at a different price.

Managed Farms-Very nice to see the websites, presentations and sweet talks of the promoters, but the net result will be -00 to 1% ot 2%, if you are lucky or else, litigations. They assure you the best legal title, which must be thoroughly scrutinised and investigated before even paying them the advance. Few years ago, projects in teak wood and other such plantations were floated and after few years, the project gutted or down in the gutter. The investors lost all the monies invested. 90% of the projects in the preceding years in the agriculture sector has gone to docks. Now, many are coming up with new names, but same old wine in the new bottle.

Please search the internet for investment in agriculture lands, coffee estates and etc and one such advertisement offers Rs.24,000/- returns per year for the investment of Rs.1,00,000/-. Toooo Goood returns on the investment. This return will remain only on the newspaper or the internet or the website. But, in fact, there will not be any returns after the first year. You may not be able to sell the land at the purchase cost.

These promoters offer security to the property bought, at whose cost? The investor`s cost. It looks good for the first and second year, later, gone case.

Most of the projects are not anywhere near Bangalore, some in raichur and all other projects are not worthy of purchase or investment.

Check thoroughly, before investing, even Rs.1.00. Don’t waste your money and time. It is nothing but a free ride for the promoters.

The prices offered in some cases are for 5,000 Square Feet at Rs.10,00,000/- and the price per acre is around Rs.80,00,000/-.

You can buy the similar lands for Rs.40,00,000/- or much lesser in the same area. Check it out. Don’t be duped by the security of the property and loose the entire money. Another trap.