Free Service in Real Estate-websites which offer free are not REALLY FREE

Everybody is interested to get anything to something FOR FREE or at NO COST. There are bogus online websites with excellent reviews, offer FREE SERVICES.

Once, the potential buyer or owner or tenant or person/s register themselves for some service, even the registration is not free. There are some fees or charges. The FREE GUYS will not get anything at all.

But, others, (Fake Guys) through online advertisement and reviews will be appreciating the same website for a fee.


NOTHING IS FREE. It is blatant lie. Register or call them and get into the trap. There are few websites, which are under war (fight) among themselves in the loot.

Some of their clients/owners are UNABLE TO EVICT THE tenants from their property, which were leased to them. The clients are asked to sign an illegal, unfair and one sided agreement with the service provider. Read the contents or the conditions carefully, before signing it.

Due to Covid-19 and economic reasons, many properties are up for leasing or renting or for sale.

These free websites are on social media, capturing the innocent owners and tenants, hook them and after a steady period, begin their fraudulent manipulation. They have various schemes to trap and hook the innocent owners and tenants.

These free website guys have muscle power, political power and a big panel of legal professionals to take GOOD CARE OF THEIR BUILDING OWNERS AND THE TENANTS.