It is said that a leading builder, in an upcoming apartment complex on sarjapur road obtained the sanction for a building plan from BBMP and got the RERA Approval, for the schedule property which had a litigation or title suit or cases as long as 19 to 20 years and still running and will run for some more time.

It is surprising that the buyers never checked or examined or scrutinised the titles before entering into sale agreement and the title and other documents were submitted at the time of the second advance or installment upon the demand by the buyers.

It is found that the same builder hiding/not disclosing the facts/concealing the facts from the buyers, tricked or convinced the buyers to pay advance money towards the apartments and it is heard that they were unwillingly compelled to pay the second payment, even though, the clients cited the litigation or pending suit, stating that , if the second advance or payment is not made, the registered sale agreement might be cancelled and 10% or 20% of the sale value of the apartment will be deducted as per the agreement. Forced or compelled by such threats or scare, the buyers paid the second installment.

The landlords submitted a petition or application or request to the BBMP not to proceed by clearly stating the pending litigation, but the BBMP sanctioned the building plan.

It is reliably learnt that the original landlords are planning to initiate another proceedings in the court of law very soon.