Some Amazing investors might have gained or made a good profit in a short-term real estate business.  But, that was the PAST.

The real estate market is good and better than the stock market, as the available land for human development is being restricted or limited and it does not GROW, therefore, there is every possibility of this sector to grow.

There will be an assured moderate to good returns only on long-term investments. On an average, the return on investment will be anywhere between 2% to 15% per annum and the minimum gestation period will be 5 years to 15 years.

Better returns are available only on vacant land or plots. 2% to 10% on an average per annum.

Moderate returns are available on agricultural or industrial lands (large stretch).3% to 10% on an average.

Minimum returns are available on apartments. 1% to 6% on an average.