There is a spurt of action/activity from entrepreneurs in the real estate and service industry in the country and few have the tempting and attractive offers with best ever review about their business ( new concept ) and the subsequent high return on the investment.

Seminars are conducted in major metros and other attractive Indian dominated cities like Dubai, Singapore etc.,

The new concepts are TOTALLY NEW.  There are graphs, figures, diagrams and the FINAL RETURNS on the investment, which is very attractive and tempting with special offers like free holidays and lunch/dinner.  Their websites/URL is on the net.

Some of them are very good performers and the majority are ???????

These companies are short-lived and the promise of high return on the investment is just DREAMZ.

These agencies/organisations/companies are associated with some real estate developers to market their projects at fancy prices.  All the marketing agencies/companies are involved in a different type of marketing and have a basic fixed price and their percentage or profit or margin always remain intact.

They have grand offices with smart assistants and the investors will be treated royally and they will be taken for a royal ride to the project location and details will be explained.  The cost of this ride is included in the price.  The cost of office maintenance and the sweet talk is also included in the price.  The agency commission/service charge is also included in the price.