A Press report on the purchase Benami Properties and its consequences.

Even though, the present seller may not be the original BENAMIDAR, but, if the property has tabs, tags, links, precedence, connection, transaction and illegalities, BENAMIDAR OR if it is a benami property, DO NOT BUY IT.

A Chartered Accountant during the course of a meeting advised the buyers that even if the property has changed several hands, it must not be BOUGHT or avoid any transaction with such groups or properties for the safety and security.  The banks on the otherhand, will sanction loans or approve the projects for any and every type of properties, but the buyers must beware.

Approval of projects or sanction of loans DOES NOT CONFER ANY RIGHT, TITLE AND INTEREST and it is issued with all and every sort of sundry condition and is issued at the insistence of the developer.  It is NOTHING BUT A MARKETING TRICK, to appease or trap the buyers.