Bangalore experiences the DEMOLITION of illegal structures and it is said that the RICH AND MIGHTY have escaped it.  But, they cannot escape, they will be treated badly, much worse than the other.

Cheating, Fraud, Misrepresentation of facts, False documentations, Bogus Claims, Fake Documents, Fabricated documents, Clearances from Govt Departments obtained by misrepresentation and TALL CLAIMS, makes  `BUILDER`.

Whenever there is a serious issue, the developer approaches the COURTS for temporary remedy and the buyer thinks that the temporary remedy is PERMANENT.

Toooooooooooooo many buildings have been built illegally and the sellers are promising the buyers that it can be REGULARISED BY AKRAMA-SAKRAMA, but it is not TRUE, that all the ILLEGAL AND IRREGULAR STRUCTURES AND BUILDINGS CANNOT BE REGULARISED.