Gated Communities – Special ????????????

All the roads, civic amenity sites and parks within the so called `GATED COMMUNITIES` in the state of karnataka belongs to the Government and even in some major residential projects by DLF, Hiranandanai and others, the raja kaluve, bandi daari, kharab, kaalu daari, parks, road, civic amenity sites belongs to the Government.

There are over 15 to 20 lakhs households in Bangalore and there are over 500 gated communities and around 50,000 to 1,00,000 households,needs special treatment from the Government.  When there are over 15 to 20 lakhs house holds living together in a community using all the govt roads, streets, parks, drains etc, the gated community residents demand special place in the city, which is strongly rejected by the 20 lakh strong households.

All the citizens of this country has the right to use the roads, parks CA sites in the gated communities but and are prevented by force and threat by group of persons.  The government must initiate appropriate legal proceedings against such groups and persons.

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  1. SIR, These gated communities are doing goondaism by electing resident owner welfare association.supress tenants rights.they dig large borewells,suck neighbours water resources,borewell also belongs to public.they make illegal parking inside of public road.use inside park,children play on government roads and how they form association on government land park or play room built on government is illegal.they keep maid from there state,watchman from other state,dont give employment to local people.steal govt.electricity from transformers during interior construction.garbage pilling.make garden on government land.get layout from bda, does not pay proper less tax to panchayat,mislead panchayat.heavy construction damages roads.creats traffic jam.allows lot of pavement encroachment by illegal venders occupy nearby roads of layouts,all outsider storez nashrooms,no local people development.Sir, please see Govt,bbmp take strong action.these people make gate,it is like private checkpost on govt police allows this ? ,

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    1. Dear Sir,

      It is the duty of the local governing body and the citizens. The citizens can initiate appropriate criminal and civil actions against any illegal activity. The so called associations does not any legal authority to dig wells or borewells or lay pipes or lay the roads without the approvals from the concerned departments.

      The illegal gates can be removed and the illegal borewells can be closed and action can be taken against the offenders. The association does not have any right, title and interest over the government land (the land relinquished in favour of the govt like parks, ca sites, roads etc) and any activity in govt land by any person is illegal, without authority and approval from the government. (even the maintenance of road and street lights, permission has to be obtained from the local bodies)

      EP Team

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