It has become a fad for the developers and builders for not making (paying)the municipal and other taxes to the local authorities and in one such an instance, the BBMP has issued a notice to the Manyata Tech Park management (managed by a politician in power) to pay the revised taxes and as usual, the said developer refused to pay the taxes, citing so many irrelevant statues and as usual bring in a STAY ORDER.

In the meanwhile, Manyata Group is trying to Sell the lands near Devanahally, (KIADB) acquired for the development of Industry and this might also land up in soup.

In the similar manner another Delhi based developer, famous for all kinds of illegalities on earth, trying to sell lands in and around Nelamangala – Arkavathy belt, by buying the poor farmers land at throwaway prices.  The Farmers have already forwarded their memorandum to the PM.