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  1. For no fault of people like me, we are awaiting with tears for almost 10 years to regularise our Plot to build a house.. Governors, Govt, Court, Judges, Forums, Individual complaints.. all of them not understaning the real issues of common people like me who buys a plot to build a house, and waits end lessly for court and Govt approvals fro almost 10 years.
    When congress Govt. cacme to power with full majority, I felt very happy that my plot will be regularised adn I can take bank loan and build house. there seems to some bad luck playing a role for me.. not sure when it will help for all the people like me.

    I hope, someday the honorable court and kind judges will understand the real problem common people face and order to regulaise all plots in BBMP / city limits and impose high penalty for the violators including the people who sold the irregular plots.

    God and honorable justise/ judges, please hear my prayers and help thousands people / families like me by ordering to regularise all PLOTS with immediate effect.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Whose fault is it? At whose cost this should be regularised? (the regularisation fee is 25% of the actual expenditure to be incurred for the services already provided or will be provided in the future- 75% of the expenditure for providing the amenities will be from the law abiding and honest tax paying citizen) Is it the fault of the court?

  2. Hi, this is shekar from Bangalore, I do agree with aprajitha Abbas has we have all bought small dimensions plots in our hard earned savings, has some people are litigating case in court under PIL, I have some small questions to them where should we bye site in Bangalore which would be proximity radius to daily work, has we have very small savings after monthly expenses we have no other options we have to opt for bda or else any private land which comes under revenue belt, has bda issues once in 20 years that to minimum 20 thousand odd site through sineyarity, still now bda has not allowed sites more 4 lakhs since its been formed, r8 now Bangalore population is approx more then 1 crore where does the other citizen invest on land, we have bought revenue plots and waiting for akrama sakrama so it may be regularised n can go for bank loans, and any how we would be paying the penalties, y do some workless or retired people simply wasting there time and our precious time, this not only the case where I have invested one of my friend has also bought 30 X 40 plot he has taken hand loan from private financiars of 10 lakhs for his sisters marriage @3 percent per month and paying monthly 30000 interest, he has already in huge dept has is salary is just 40k per month evey month he keeps on begging 5k or 10k from some or the other people, he just wants to sell the plot and clear loan amount, it happens only if he A khatha, I do not know this things never comes to some people who have made PIL in the court this people should put legs in other middle class people shoes and will come to.know the hard things in practical

    1. Please implead the application in the High Court with all your views. Convince the court with your evidence, document and make an appeal.

      1. Hi Ecopackindia,

        Indeed me too am waiting to build a house on our plot which is A Khata, but betterment charges were not paid as govt was not willing to accept betterment charges. When we went for plan approval, bbmp people asked for betterment charges receipt for plan approval!!!
        What the heck, even with A Khata, there is no law for giving plan approval. Then, in which type of plot in Bangalore can be build a house, Govt??

      2. Dear Sir,

        Check the legal opinion received by you at the time of purchasing the property. Check Whether your seller paid betterment charges or not? A katha does not entitle you the sanction without the payment of betterment charges and the BBMP is accepting it now. Do visit and pay the same and submit your building plan.
        EP Team.

  3. Hello team,

    It’s very tricky understanding one point in the akrama sakrama schemes… In one section the scheme talks about regularising the layout formed in green belt areas as per CDP which is not converted and non approved… In other place it also tells layout formed in the restricted areas as per CDP like park.. Lake bund.,green belt will not be eligible…

    Can some expert shed their views …

    What will be status of House built in green belt land?

    Also what will be status of plots / houses which is registerd after 13 Oct 2013…. .. Those transactions are still going on and on….

  4. Dear Sir, We are eagerly waiting for the updates on Akrama sakrama from Government. Let us know as soon as you hear the next development on progress.

    As I heard, in any other state also the corporation limits keeps getting extended and no such thing called regularisation. At Bangalore too, corporation limits got extended few years back. But not sure why Government is bringing such thing called regularisation and putting the onus on buyers. Then what it means that corporation limits are extended. If panchayats are converted to corporation then why such delays. Also, Any idea as what happened to the ruling (In December 2014) of all B Khatha holders should get A khatha as I came thro’ this ruling at Blogs.

    Thanks in advance or bringing up the latest always.

    1. The Govt has to submit its objections and has not submitted it from March,2015 till 01-06-2015 for the queries raised by the plaints.

      The Govt is not bringing in the regularisation scheme. The Violators and Deviators of law want their illegal acts or buildings and layouts to be regularised.

      Build as per the by laws and there are no issues of regularisation at all. Develop the layouts as per the law, there are no issues at all.
      It is not applicable for you. It is for illegal and unauthorised sites and buildings with deviation and violation.

      Akrama must not be regularised is the prayer of the plaintiffs. It is wise and reasonable.

      EP Team

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