Generally the lands available in Karnataka are basically agriculture in nature, as the major occupation is agriculture and the Government has taken various measures to secure & preserve it.  The general use of all such lands is agriculture and if it has to be used for any other purpose other than agriculture, the property owner must obtain legal permission from the competent authority by following prescribed procedures.

Conversion is a legal process by which the property owner changes the use of the land from agriculture to non agriculture purpose. It is also called CHANGE OF LAND USE. The legal sanction/ conversion/ order/grant/permission is necessary to use the land for any other purpose otherwise, the Deputy Commissioner will initiate action and in sub-section (2-A) shall be liable to be demolished and brought back to their earlier use and expenses incurred thereon shall be collected from such persons/s as arrears of land revenue.

Change of land use or Conversion is not accorded or permitted to all the properties. Permission for the change of land use or diversion may be deferred or refused by the Deputy Commissioner under various conditions.  The DC Conversion may also be withdrawn or canceled.

DC Conversion is a legal process and is mandatory Under Section 95 of Karnataka Land Revenue Act, by which the occupant or the property owner makes an application to the Deputy Commissioner of the District seeking his assent/permission/sanction for the change of land use from agriculture to non-agriculture(Residential/Public Use/Semi Public Use/Industrial/Commercial) use. The Jurisdictional revenue authority will consider the application on the basis of rules and regulation formulated for this purpose and accordingly an order may be issued.  The Conversion fee/fine is levied and an official memorandum (OM) is issued to the applicant, directing the applicant to pay the same in the state treasury.  Upon the confirmation of such payment, the Deputy Commissioner will issue Conversion Order.  The Conversion order will have certain important conditions.  The Occupant or the owner must comply with all the conditions laid down in the conversion order, lest, the order becomes invalid or inoperational without any further notice to the applicant or the owner.


  1. Sir,
    Can DC conversion be done for an individual site? Or, can it be done only for a bigger piece of land in terms of acres?

  2. After long time, government opened collecting betterment charges from 7th Nov. but only for DC converted land. Is government allowing DC conversion of revenue land(or it is still baned)? If I have revenue land, can I do DC conversion and pay betterment chanrges and get A khata?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Subject to some regulations and zonal compliance (yellow zone), if the revenue property is above 10 guntas and above, the land can be converted.
      ecopackindia team

    2. Dear Sir,
      The property must be an agriculture land and above 10 guntas and must be in yellow(residential) zone with all compliances to apply for DC Conversion.
      ecopackindia team

  3. Can we convert of land like 30X40 , 60×40 land after puchase ? is it possible
    what is fee the for to convert land to DC ?

      1. Sites comes under “Grama Tana” Layout is established but not DC converted.

        Site owner says that once we buy sites after registration we can convert land to DC for Residence purpose. IS IT TRUE ?

        What problems we get in this case if i buy site for residence ?

        I really appreciate your inputs.

      2. Dear Sir,
        You need expert guidance.
        Request your seller to get it converted and then sell it. Play safe.
        We cannot predict or foresee problems.
        ecopackindia team

  4. A site carved out of a DC converted property will also be DC converted ??

    Or will this come under revenue site category ?

    1. Dear Sir,
      A site carved out of DC converted land is DC CONVERTED SITE. IT WILL NOT COME UNDER REVENUE SITES.
      ecopackindia team

    2. Sir,
      Does a BDA approved private layout also requires DC conversion ? What about BDA sites like BSK II stage, do they also need DC conversion?

      1. Dear Sir,
        BDA sites does not require any Conversion orders.(BDA itself is a planning authority)
        ecopackindia team

      2. Sir,
        What about BDA approved private layouts? Do they need DC conversion?

      3. Dear Sir,
        ecopackindia team

  5. Sir,
    Can I purchase a constructed house in DC converted land?

    Land owner is saying that the property is under the process of getting Katha A.

    1. Dear sir,
      Yes, provided it is regularised and betterment is paid.
      Please consult an expert and an advocate and do not repent later.
      ecopackindia team

  6. I am planning to buy a site which is A-khata. The betterment charges have been paid in 1998 and A-khata from BBMP has been received recently in 2011. When asked for DC conversion order, person is saying that he does not have conversion order as government was asking for betterment charges directly and providing A-khata in 1998. Is it true? Is it fine to have A-khata without DC conversion order? If its A-khata property, should there be a DC conversion order which can be obtained from BBMP? Thanks a lot for your support and help.

    1. Dear sir,
      We cannot visualize or dream of your situation/property/location and the documents and advise either to go for it or refrain from going ahead.
      Please consult an expert in KMC ACT AND KTCP ACT.
      ecopackindia team

  7. I am not asking for decision, I am asking is it possible that property have A-khata(betterment charges paid in 1998) from BBMP but it does not have a DC conversion order?

  8. Hi How do I conform that my site falling under DC converted Sy. No only. As the land owner converted DC but not obtained the layout approval. He saled the individual site after DC convertion.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Check the survey sketch, hissa tippany and other related documents.
      ecopackindia team

  9. what is the difference between DC conversion charges and betterment charges. When do they give “A” katha.. when DC conversion charges are paid or when betterment charges are paid.

    1. Dear Sir,
      It is clear that DC Conversion charge is paid for the conversion of agriculture land use to other purposes and betterment charge is collected for improving or for the providing infrastructure like road and street light etc.
      Go to BBMP and find out regarding the payment of betterment charges.
      ecopackindia team

  10. Can I buy the site from GPA holder(where GPA is registered) without the signature from actual owner of the site during registration. Can there be some problem later from the actual owner of the site

  11. please let me know for DC convertion what is the minimum land area required. But
    say that minimum 3 to 7 guntas can also be converted

  12. dear sir,
    can we change DC conversion of education institute to residential convesion. pls help me,

    1. Dear Sir,
      YES.But Depends upon so many other factors.
      ecopackindia team

    1. Dear Sir,
      It has to come out of High Court of Karnataka.
      ecopackindia team

  13. Why do banks avoid giving loans to sites which are DC converted, layout approved by prevailing panchayat (approx 1996 approval) ?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Please demand the reasons from them(rejection)and not from us.
      ecopackindia team

  14. dear sir,

    can u pls let us know the diff b/w green land and yellow land
    as i know green land it is agricultural land

    my land is near dodderi after hejjala mysore road, i wanted to know if my land is yellow belt or green

    1. Dear Sir,
      Cehck with BBMP for the rules. Yes. The Govt or BBMP can acquire land, even though it is DC Converted.
      ecopackindia team

  15. Dear EcopackIndia.
    thanks for the helping the society.
    can you please let me know hat are the precausing to be taken while buying a DC converted land.
    can we get loan for DC Converted land.
    Bank people are telling that they can not offer loans DC convertins land,they can proved only for A -Khata lands only.
    But some mediators are telling that they can assist in getting loan from some private banks.
    please let me know the truth.

    thanks in advance

    1. Dear Sir,
      Consult an expert, who is also an advocate in property matters, compliance and Revenue issues.
      Sanction of bank loan will not clear/set right the irregularities and violations.
      ecopackindia team

  16. I am planning to buy a house. I am interested in buying a property. It is a Non Dc converted land. There are lot of houses around and the layout is completely occupied. Please advice

    1. Hi..I am also facing the same problem.We are interested in a property which comes in Puttaswamy layout near NRI Layout.It is not having DC conversion.Have you faced any problems with such site..pls let me know your experience.

      1. Dear Sir,

        We regret to state that we do not have any details regarding the property. Even, if there are any details available, it must not be divulged and will not be disclosed as per our policy. Please conduct your own scrutiny with the best experts and professionals.

        EP Team

  17. Dear Sir,
    thanks for helping us.
    one query.
    I am planning to buy an independent house which is vaastu complint.but, documents wise…no DC convertion certificate, no betterment charges paid..only B khata….broker is trying to convincing me by saying that….at this moment we can not pay betterment charges becoz…site is only 30 x 30…

    my doubt is first of without DC, how can i purchase that house? how does it valid for construction of a house?
    is my understanding correct?

    1. Dear Sir,
      If you are buying with your hard earned (own)money, without borrowing from fraud banks, thoroughly examine all the relevant documents, details, approvals and certificates, before you buy.
      EP Team

  18. Hi..We are willing to buy a plot ,comes under puttaswamy layout near NRI layout..this plot has no DC converison but surrounding plots are well developed with beautiful bungalows.Pls suggest is it safe to buy this site or not.Also if anyone having idea about puttaswamy layout,pls give your valuable comments

  19. Hi sir ,
    Is it safe to buy a DC conversion site in a layout which is not approved by BDA or BMRDA ?
    Are all the DC conversion sites are approved by BDA ?

  20. dear sir,
    kindly let me know if betterment charges are paid,and not DC converted plot,am i supposed to get A-khata.the plot is under bbmp limit.please let me know

  21. Hello Sir,

    I have seen a 4 years back constructed house with in the BBMP limits, but it is in B Khatha and it is not DC converted. Owners were telling like the “Akarama Sakrama” which is going to come in few months will regularize the houses under BBMP limits, Is it True. Please advice me?

    1. If it is within permissble limits and if it is eligibble and All the illegal and unauthorised structures/buildings will not be regularised. If your seller says so, you must consult your advocate who specialises in regularisation.

  22. myself pratap, iam from bangalore, i would like to purchase land near to basalapura,mysore dist.., its a san city project, they are telling dc is under process, how can come to know is dc approved are not, on what base we can purchase , any application no, can we see it will approve or not

  23. My father is a farmer in Andhra Pradesh from past 30 years and owns agriculture land on his name. We are planning to buy 10 gunta of agriculture land on his name in Bangalore outskirts [gunjur to sarjapur road stretch]. Area comes under yellow zone. Is it legal to buy as my father is a farmer and his income is less than 2 lacs per annum? Any idea of the DC conversion charges for the land size of 10 guntas? what could be the rough estimate of DC conversion fees including Govt ‘Hidden’ charges? I am planning to take the help of your legal team after property is identified.

    Thanks again

  24. Hi,
    I am planning to buy an independent house, that is in panchayat katha. The property is not in DC Converted. I am applying bank loan. They said the property should in DC conversion. Is it possible to convert DC conversion. What is the conversion charge for 20*30 ?

  25. Sir,

    I have seen one property which has got B-khata from BBMP , but no DC conversion.

    the agent is before DC conversion he has done layout and sold the plots.

    is it safe to take this property?


  26. Hello Eco Team,
    I have purchased a land in 2007 and constructed house 2 years back, layout is about 42 acre we are trying to get DC converted but when I checked online survey no it says court stay order, there is a lady claiming that land belong to her.. can you advise what’s next step we can do ?


  27. Dear Sir, I am planning to purchase an independent resale 10 years old house at Bommanahalli in Bangalore of 1200 sqft land area and 850 sqft construction area, with all clear titles, approved building plan, having B khata, but site is not DC converted. not only this site all nearby sites/ house are not DC converted. Is it safe to purchase this house? In future can I convert this site into DC and A khata?. Please suggest me how can get DC conversion and getting A khata.

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