The notorious Scheme of Regularisation of illegal buildings, layouts, DC Converted Sites, and Buildings with setbacks, height, and FAR violations, was challenged before the Supreme Court of India, and the Civil Appeal was orally mentioned in the court on 25-08-2022, and the Apex Court directed the Registry to list the appeals before an appropriate bench.

There is no update from 25-08-2022 on the AKRAMA-SAKRAMA in the Supreme Court.

As there are no orders or action from the Government and the Apex Court, The Illegal layouts, buildings with deviations and violations, and buildings with Bonda Katha (B – Katha) (without proper approved building plans) have sprung up and are being built and sold to the buyers.

The best part of these deals is that many financial institutions are lending for such illegal activities, even though, there is a bar on such lending by the Reserve Bank Of India.

Furthermore, the abnormal price increase in properties across the state for the last year has stabilised and hope will make some corrections soon.