Legal Documents Preparation-with the help of strange online websites

The readers are advised to seek professional help and assistance through reference and personal contact or experience with a known expert professional (whenever it is possible) to prepare documents like WILL, SALE AGREEMENT, SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY, GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY, SALE DEED or any other legal documents.

Unknown, strange, and online websites are offering documents preparation, some may be very good and may provide excellent service, but the clients are not aware of the preparer nor the company and their properties or the contents may be adverse or bad to their interests, therefore, we advise caution. Do not go by the fake reviews posted online.

It has been observed that in one case, the website had been hacked and few profiles were manipulated and the documents were created in such a way that the interest of the client had been compromised.

Play safe. conduct a thorough enquiry and proceed with drafting of important documents.