Draft of the Affidavit might have been submitted to the Bank

Those who have availed of the housing loan might have submitted this type of affidavit at the time of disbursement of the loan. Check it out.

Affidavit for housing loan

(for housing loans for purchase of built up house/flat)

I/We Sri.      Son of working as     at                  and residing at                     do hereby solemnly affirm on oath and declare as follows:

I/We have applied for a housing loan to purchase a flat no.  at             Bangalore.

I am aware that a special condition is stipulated in the sanction letter for submitting an affidavit to the effect that there are no statutory violations and no violation of the bye-laws of the building society in the construction of the building.

In compliance with the above stipulation, I/we do hereby declare and undertake that I/We have verified all the records relating to the construction and declare that the built-up house/flat is constructed is as per the sanctioned plan and in conformity with bye-laws annexed to the plan.  I/We further declare that the building is constructed as per the sanction plan without violating the rules stipulated by Corporation/Municipality/panchayat or any other local bodies, who are competent to grant permission for construction of the flat/house.

I/we further declare that I/We are aware purchasing the building with our sold responsibility that there are no statutory violations and if it is discovered by the bank that the building constructed is not as per the sanctioned plan or is in violation of building bye-laws annexed to the plan, the Bank shall have the power and authority to recall the entire loan with interest, costs, and usual bank charges.

And As the flats are under construction, society will not be formed till the construction is completed.  The builder hands over the physical possession of flats to the purchasers.  Then the owners will form a society.  As soon as the society is formed, I/We undertake to abide by the bye-laws of the society and do not act in contravention and ensure that the security offered to the bank now will not be allowed to be encumbered on account of non-compliance of the bye-laws and protect the priority of the security of the bank

The affidavit cum undertaking shall form part and parcel of the main loan documents executed by me/us.

The facts stated above are true to the best of my knowledge and information.

Signature of deponent.

Sworn and signed before me on this the day of          (year) at Bangalore.