Advertisement in Social Media for the marketing of properties

Social Media is abuzz with ads and offers by the genuine & original owners, sellers, agents, developers, genuine builders, constituting 25% and 75% fekus, offering the properties or products for sale.

In the course of the examination, it is found that the 75% fekus, have outsmarted the genuine owners, sellers, and developers.

Before, even, clicking or contacting the sellers or owners, CONDUCT a thorough background check and then, begin the next process.

Do not forward the email id or phone number or any relevant information. These fekus will track the buyers. Be Smart. Do not fall prey to the FEKUS. (FAKE-FRAUD-BOGUS-CHEAT)

Check out and verify:

Adhaar Card, Address of the seller, GST registration, mobile or land line number, Pan, Property details, Owners name, RERA Approval ( in case of properties), If there are offers of food, FSSA Certificate and its validity, Name of the owner, and in case of furniture or electronic components, company name, serial number, or whatever the product marking etc.

Majority of these FEKUS have only mobile contacts and few smart FEKUS have offices too.

Deal or Transact or Negotiate with the Genuine Owners, RERA Approved agents with accreditation, accredited builders and developers, Genuine and verified sellers with above documentary evidences and verification.