Would you like to enjoy the bucolic life on a green farmland that is:

Just 2 hours and 30 minutes from Bangalore (Koramangala) at 95 kms

Landscaped naturally by picturesque panoramic mountains

15 mins from Cauvery river for fishing, swimming & camping (6 kms)

90 mins from the Niagara of South India – Hogenakkal Falls

90 mins from Chunchi Falls for a solitary picnic lunch

A semi-private lake and hillock adjoining the land.

Brimming with underground water that’s tastier than mineral water.

Accessible for uninterrupted electricity power connection

Approachable all the way by good roads with beautiful scenery

Red fertile soil in the largest tomato and cut flowers exporting district in India

A backyard mountain filled with forests for a leisurely evening ascent

Close to the most adventurous trekking trails in the region

Windy enough to fly a kite every single evening

Peaceful with amicable villagers who are helpful and supportive

Devoid of any pollution that you get to see stars filled night skies

Cooler by several degrees that orchid farms are here (4,500ft MSL)

Completely isolated from all the hustle and bustle of the urban life

2kms from petrol bunk, government hospital and basic amenities. 

If YES, then why wait any longer to set up your dream:

Farm Villa 

Organic Farm

Kitchen Garden

Dairy Farm

Exotic Landscaping

Agro Forestry

Poultry Farming


Greenhouse Farming

9.48 acre of Patta land plus 7.34 acres of B Memo land (aka Karab or B Khatha land).

The land is levelled with clear right of way (do not have to cross anyone else’s land to enter our land)

No concerns on wildlife encroachment since there are deep trenches dug by Forest Department.

Clear titles and completely East facing land (Vaastu compliant).

Firm price of 1.2 Crores (plus registration) available for immediate sale.

Located at 10kms from Anchetty town, Denkanikottai Taluk, Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu.

Nature is a great way for us to beat stress, anxiety, panic, depression and other psychological disorders that are becoming very common especially in these troubled times. Spending a weekend in your own piece of earth and getting closer to nature is extremely beneficial to us and our families given the physiological, psychological and emotional shortcomings that plague our lives. Grow your own organic and non-GMO vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses for your daily intake and prevent cancer, auto-immune disorders, insomnia, GI issues, cholesterol, BP, diabetes,etc…Consume desi cow A2 milk and Bilona ghee to dramatically improve your physical endurance. Disconnect from devices and stay restful to improve your cognitive, memory, concentration and attention. This is the only investment in the world that benefits you financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.