The money strapped Government is making all efforts to collect money in all the available ways.

  1. Borrow.
  2. Sell BDA corner sites.
  3. Bring in the AKRAMA-SAKRAMA.
  4. Levy new tax.
  5. Regularise houses illegally constructed on THE BDA LAND.
  6. Regularisation of DC Converted Property.
  7. Revenue Sites registration.
  1. The easiest way to get money, not for any development, for survival, is to BORROW. This has been going on for ages. This will continue. But, this is not sufficient.

2. Sure Shot:Auction all available Corner BDA, MUDA or any other site.

3. The notorious AKRAMA-SAKRAMA is languishing in the Supreme Court, All the Governments tried to confuse and convince the apex court to get GREEN NOD, failed miserably all these years. Now, with COVID-19,trying to convince the court to get its NOD. But, the chances are very remote, unless, until some modifications or changes made to the existing amendment. The Government, does not mind doing anything to get the AKRAMA-SAKRAMA going. WAIT, WATCH & SEE.

4. Definitely, in one or the other way, some tax will be levied on the citizens, very soon, whether, direct or indirect.

5. Sure shot: The government has neither any hesitation nor reservations on this issue. Regularise the buildings constructed on the BDA LAND and make money.

But, regularisation of buildings constructed on BDA property might be CHALLENGED IN THE COURT OF LAW. There is every possibility of a long legal battle is expected on this.

6. Again, the regularisation of DC Converted sites is subject to the outcome of the Supreme Court Order or direction.

7. Permit the registration of the Revenue Sites. It is a very difficult proposal, but for the want of money, anything can be done. But, the buyers are at high risk.