Regularisation of properties within BDA jurisdiction-Old Wine in New Bottle

The present Government in karnataka has proposed a regularisation scheme of properties within BDA ambit, which includes, properties, (some or few) which had been notified for acquisition, but could not take possession, buildings with violations and buildings without approved building plan. It is said that there are over 75,000 such properties in BDA layout.

It is another form of Akrama-Sakrama. But, the proposal is to bring in an amendment to the BDA Act.

The proposal is to collect 75% of the guidance value of the properties, which are measuring below 1,200 sft and 100% of the guidance value for the properties above 1,200 sft. As per this proposal, if the guidance value of the property as on date is Rs.4,000/- per square feet, for a 30 feet X 40 feet site, totally measuring 1,200 square feet, the penalty or charges or levy at 75% is Rs.3,000/- per square feet, works out at Rs.36,00,000/- for the properties, which are built on BDA acquired or notified site.

But, final proposal has to come out. A Cabinet sub-committee has been formed to look into the issues.

But, this proposal is subject to legal validation, as the old amendment to KTCP Act is still languishing in the Apex Court.