Due to abnormal complaints about illegalities in the FARM SITES/LANDS across major cities in the state of Karnataka, empowered by the KLR Act, the State Government may decline to provide or allot or allocate separate Sub number or Survey Number for such properties.

The proposal was with the Government for a long time, as there was innumerable deviations, violations and illegalities noticed and referred, in respect of illegal Farm Sites or Lands, the Govt will soon issue a notification in this regard.

2 thoughts on “FARM SITES-LANDS IN AND AROUND CITIES IN KARNATAKA-There may be a notification on such illegal activities

    1. The Govt in KLR Act, clearly states that the agricultural lands cannot be bifurcated and sold, but, our intelligent citizens find out all the worldly loopholes and bypass the system, just because, there are buyers. If the buyers reject or decline, then this type or kind of transaction and illegalities can never happen. Let us not blame the Govt alone, the buyers of this type of properties are to blame. In 2005, the sale and transfer of revenue sites were banned by the High Court, not because of the loopholes in the law, but there were buyers, willing to buy such lands, till date, 75% were unable to sell it, but some scrupulous elements create fake documents and sold 25% of such properties.

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