The onset of summer brought with it, mild to high temperature reaching upto 36 degrees and acute water shortage.

The Government (BWSSB) cannot quench the thirst of 10 to 12 million citizens with TG Reservior and Cauvery water supply, as the Summer advances, the situation appears to be too grim to ignore.

The underground water table has already reached its lowest ebb in year from 300 feet to 1500 to 1800 feet in many areas and most of it are not eligible for human use.

Now, many huge residential apartment complexes are dependent on Borewell water and water tankers. The best part of these highly luxurious complexes are that, even though, there is acute shortage of water, they need to fill up their SWIMMING POOLS!!! and are buying 5 to 10 tankers to fill it up.

The water supply syndicate has upped its rates from Rs.200/- to Rs.800 and may go up to Rs.1,200/-, if the situation continues.

The quality of the water supplied may not be good and therefore, it is advised to treat it before supplying it to the residents.

Nearly 50% of the bangalore wards are affected by water scarcity and among them, 20% are almost in ICU stage.

April and May, 2019 might be the very grim and therefore, the citizens must make necessary and precautionary measure to save and plan for such a period.