Supreme Court`s Observation in Goel Ganga case may benefit the Apartment Buyers

The Findings:

Findings and Directions:
59. We summarise our findings and directions as follows:
(i) That built up area under the notification of 14.09.2006 means all constructed area which is not open to the sky;
(ii) Built up area under the notification of 04.04.2011 means all covered area including basement and service areas;
(iii) The communication dated 07.07.2017 is totally illegal and accordingly quashed;
(iv) The original application cannot be treated as a public interest litigation;
(v) We are not taking note of the allegations levelled against the individuals who have not been arrayed as parties;

(vi) That the order dated 27.09.2016 of the NGT is upheld except in so far as Direction No. 1 is concerned;