The Government is encouraging the Affordable Housing in the range of Rs.25 lakhs to Rs.35 Lakhs with 1% interest benefit and few developers have already sprung and are in the final leg of completing the project with RERA Approval, though, it might be slightly far off, but technically is the most apt projects for the buyers.

Those who are residing in the rented or leased houses or apartments paying the Rent in the range of Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- can and may opt for affordable housing projects at the price range within Rs.40 Lakhs and with interest subsidy and other host of benefits(if the builder provides) will be the best bet. The maintenance charges (monthly) will also be meager and financial commitment will be comparatively lesser.

But, check everything thoroughly before booking the apartment.

Avoid PRE LAUNCH Projects.

Prefer completed projects of well known and reputed builders, with immediate occupancy and clear titles.  Do not opt for properties with suits/litigations/cases, because they are offered at cheaper or at a reduced price.

Transact or deal with only RERA approved agents or agencies.

Buy RERA approved project properties.

Do not buy B katha properties, because, they are closer and nearer and cheaper.

Beware of touts and frauds.

Do not pay the advance or buy from the entities, which have criminal and financial suits or cases or litigation or connection with criminals, however big the builder might be.

Do not make abnormal or excessive financial commitments to buy the property, the financial commitment or EMI must not be more than 20% to 30% of your disposable income.

Do not borrow PERSONAL LOANS at exorbitant rates of interest to pay 20% or 25% initial deposit.

Do not invest with borrowed funds.  The net return including property value appreciation will not be more than 2% to 8%.  If you are lucky, you might in rarest of the rare cases, may get a good appreciation. But, such chances are very less.  If there is such an opportunity, NO BUILDER will ever sell the property, might be willing to retain to get the value appreciation.

Do not buy the property to avail income tax benefit alone.

It is said that there are over 1,00,000 apartments lying vacant or unsold-ready to move in-choose and bargain for the best price-do not compromise on the quality and legal titles.