NGT directions and deliberate non-appearance by a leading builder

The NGT had issued a BAILABLE WARRANT to the senior executive of one of the leading builders in Bangalore to appear before it for the Non-Compliance of its orders and the builder did not present himself before the court.  The NGT took serious note of it and sought his appearance, if not, inevitably the tribunal might exercise its powers to bring him to book.

If the treatment for encroachment/deviation/violation/irregularity for such a leading builder sends strong signals and further the Supreme Court of India had recently directed the Town Planner in Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli to remove the encroachments and demolish the illegal and unauthorized constructions.


An innumerable number of revenue buildings, DC Converted sites, and illegal buildings have come up in and around and on the raja kaluve and many such owners/agents/brokers are trying to sell their properties by concealing the facts or hiding the details about the illegality or irregularity and some notorious financial institutions are financing such illegal activities.

As the Akrama-Sakrama is being contested in the apex court, the outcome may be disastrous for the illegal, unauthorized, violated and deviated properties across the nation.  The effect will be more spelt at Bangalore and Delhi than any other metropolis in the country.

The buyers are under the wrong impression that financial institutions (banks and private banking companies) conduct a thorough legal scrutiny and thereafter the LOAN IS SANCTIONED and has been repeatedly publishing that the SANCTION OF HOME LOAN FROM BANKS does not necessarily confer any RIGHT, TITLE AND INTEREST.  Any illegality, if found, the entire LOAN AMOUNT WILL BE RECALLED WITH PENAL CHARGES.