31-12-2017-dead line for installation of STP units-50 or more apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has set the deadline of December 31 for the installation of STPs in apartment complexes with more than 50 units.

Most of the apartments with less than 50 are discharging the sewage directly into communal sewers, which is not treated properly.

There are an innumerable number of illegal apartment complexes without STP units(small complexes) with 4 to 50 apartments, have septic tanks and some to the Ground.

In these illegal apartment complexes, there is no vacant place to install the STP unit and the associations does not have enough money and in some, the association cannot even pool the requisite funds.

Their present stand is WAIT AND WATCH.

But, BWSSB has been stating that any apartment complex having more than 50 units, if failed to install the STP, will be initially penalised and thereafter power and water connection or sewage connection to communal or municipal sewer will be disconnected.