To avoid lawsuits, builders put up online disclaimers

Builders tend to put exotic pictures on their websites, displaying lush

greenery , elegant walkways, luxuriously furnished apartments, and Wimbledon-like tennis courts, often suggesting that that’s what customers buying into their projects will get.

But now, the fear of litigation ­ following the enactment of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) ­ has forced most big builders to tell potential customers to be wary of their websites and not take decisions based on them, till such time that they are able to re-build the sites in accordance with the laws.

The website of almost every major developer in India displays a disclaimer the moment a user tries to access it.The user can access the home page only after acknowledging that heshe has seen the disclaimer. The disclaimer essentially says that the realtor is in the process of revising the sites as per RERA and existing information does not constitute advertisement, solicitation or a sale offer. It tells potential customers to enquire about details of projects from its sales team.

Such disclaimers are on the sites of ALL THE BUILDERS.

RERA has brought in a number of provisions that seek to protect buyers, most of who put in a large part of their life’s savings into property.“RERA was notified by the Centre, and states have been notifying the RERA rules in the past few weeks. It becomes important to abide by the law of the land, and till there is clarity from respective state governments on the notification, it’s prudent to make the stand clear on the public domain.

In fact, 50% to 70% of the contents of the brochure remains only in the brochure.