`A` KATHA – Check

It has been noticed that Some are obtaining A katha from BBMP by misrepresenting the facts and submitting fake or bogus or manipulated or forged documents and either have constructed illegal or unauthorised apartments or formed layouts (DC Converted) and are selling it.  Be Careful and conduct diligent enquiry before the purchase.

A katha does not confer any right, title and interest, even though, it is a secondary title document.  Any approval, clearance, plan sanction, permission and NOC by mis representation of facts, fake or bogus documents, lies, forged documents and manipulated documents, all the APPROVALS, NOC,PERMISSIONS, LICENSES and APPROVALS obtained does STANDS AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED AND THE AUTHORITIES OR THE CONCERNED OFFICES/OFFICERS HAVE PROSECUTING POWERS TO INITIATE APPROPRIATE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST SUCH OFFENCE.