The Benami Property Act and the recent Demonetisation has brought in a moolah of over Rs.600 crores and government has seized over 400 properties and expected to reach over few thousands by the year end.

Planning to buy a property, apartments-sites-row houses-villas-re sale sites-re sale houses-lands-agricultural lands-industrial lands –  BEWARE- BENAMIS ON THE PROWL.

Check and Re check the sellers credentials, Pan, Income tax returns, source of income and return filing date etc., before the purchase.

In Bangalore, there are some properties for sale at ATTRACTIVE RATES, by the Benamis, very difficult to distinguish to ascertain or to detect.  Use the services of an experienced Chartered Accountant, before the purchase.

It is said that there are over 60,000 apartment and over few thousand sites are up for sale, but the sellers, display all their marketing Techniques to trap the buyers with all waste, useless and bogus amenities.

Some of the projects were financed by BENAMIS.  Take Care.

The properties which originated from BENAMIS, even though, sold several times to several persons and finally reaches the present buyer, still ATTRACTS THE BENAMI TRANSACTION PENAL PROVISIONS.  CHECK.