KSPCB, pollution, has to take stringent action on the industries, who are polluting the lakes, not only the bellandur lake.  This order is applicable to each and every lake.

KSPCB officials know each and every detail of the industries in this zone.  They have to take action.

There are many washing and dying (clothes)(ready made) units shifted from a nearby state, are illegally operating in and around Tavarekere, madivala, gavebavipalya, electronic city, mangammana palya, parappana agranahara and the entire stretch and breadth of bangalore south.  It is said that there are over 90 units discharging highly toxic and pathogenic effluents into the communal sewer and raja kaluve, most of these units use cyanide ( for dyeing  and washing), but goes unchecked.

The ground water is not fit for human consumption in these areas.  The borewell water is toxic.