BUYING A SITE IN BENGALURU, from Unauthorised layouts and B katha?

There are a whopping 2,500 illegal layouts in Bengaluru Urban district alone

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money on a site in a layout- first make sure that it is a legal layout. The reason: The state government has come out with a statement revealing that there are a whopping 2,515 illegal layouts in the city.

Revenue minister Kagodu Thimmappa informed the legislative assembly on Monday that illegal layouts have come up in five taluks in the Bengaluru Urban district limits.

As per the rule, if the land has to be used for non-agricultural purposes, the said land has to be first converted from agricultural to non-agricultural under Karnataka Land Reforms Act. However, many of the layouts in the Bengaluru Urban district limit like Bengaluru North, Bengaluru-North (Additional), Bengaluru South, Bengaluru East and Anekal, have not been converted, thus rendering them illegal.

Deputy commissioner of Bengaluru Shankar V told Bangalore Mirror, “The district administration has already issued notices to those people who have formed layouts without any approvals. In the city, illegal layouts have been formed in an area spreading over 6,000 acres of land. The administration has also taken action against those people who have encroached upon government land. We have also directed panchyat people not allow these kind of illegal activities in their respective jurisdictions.

“These activities cannot be curbed by revenue department alone. There are many planning authorities in the city. They have to take action against these developers for taking illegal routes to form layouts and sell them to people who are unaware of the frauds.”
The official said a majority of illegal layouts have been formed in Anekal area, and that such layouts had also come up in the green belt by flouting rules.

An IAS officer who is on the committee to study illegal layouts in and around the city, said, “In coming days, there will be many more rounds of meetings on the issue. A lot of measures need to be taken to put an end to the formation of illegal layouts which include legislative changes. The committee has already sought information from various departments like revenue, stamps and registration, town-planning and others.”

The committee is headed by additional chief secretary of urban development department and there are 15 members on it.

The state government will take further actions after receiving the report from the committee.

Illegal Layouts-press report on 21-3-2017-