There are too many builders and developers unable or have deliberately delayed the construction and delivery of the sites and apartments in Bangalore, citing reasons, which could not be believed or true.

But, have escaped the dragnet of the law, because of the buyers in-sensitivity and in-action.

Many in Hulimavu, Bangalore south, recently in koramangala and in all other parts (5 years delay) defaulted in the delivery of the schedule property, are not bothered are none of the buyers have taken any serious action against them for the default of the conditions of the sale agreement.

Violation, Deviation, Illegalities, Encroachment and  Delay in the delivery is a regular delivery of these defaulters.  But, all are not.  Many are very good.  There may be some delay.

Good Properties with good titles and structures have always been delivered by the good Ones.

Some formed the groups, which are impotent and headed by the developers stooge.