1. There would be many such buildings that have been built after the cut-off date that have violated building bye laws, what is the status of extension? how to regularize them? and what happen if not allowed the regulations? will be demolished? court has noted any point on this?

    1. The law will take its own course. The owners of the buildings constructed after Nov,2013, were well aware that it cannot be regularised, but still went ahead, thinking that nothing will happen and government cannot demolish it. But, during the proceedings in the high court regarding the same issue, the court has directed the authorities to take steps under KMC Act. wait and watch. CAMPA COLAS OF BANGALORE. Water and power along with blockage of sewage is another proposition and blocking the registration of further sale is another option.

      1. But government or BBMP never stopped constructions after the cut off dates and no clear mandate to stop such constructions, accepting betterment charges stopped more than 6 years back as a result no A Khatas issued for plots corved out of DC converted layouts as well, how can people wait so long without building a dream home after purchasing plots with hard earning money? Moreover its more than 3 years to see Akrama – Sakrama a reality. Who could wait with a hope without constructing? Govt is also responsible to answer citizen’s questions.

    1. The delay in the implementation is not by the Government, it was contested by the honest tax paying and law abiding citizens. We do not encourage and support illegal constructions.

  2. Do you think only the contenders of the case are the honest and abiding citizens? There are lakhs of honest abiding citizens who were not given the right of title documents, Khata, plan approvals etc in order to bring changes in the system for a decade where the demand for properties are huge in cities like Bangalore. Before you consider all others are illegal you need to think which are segments to be consider as illegal. I will give an example , in 2009 one of my friend bought a plot with lot of loan and hard earned savings with a dream of building a home in Bangalore, the property was DC converted, registration fee paid, registered but end up to know Khata can not be issued due to non payment of nominal betterment fee which was stopped to collect by BBMP (He was ready to pay) in order to bring so called Akrama – Sakrama. he was then continuously running around BBMP for the updates, requests for Khata but nothing materialise, couple of his friends have constructed the house between 2010-13 but kept on waiting and abiding the law until early 2016 when he lost hope that legal battle will not end and started construction there again he had huge task and trouble in getting loans due to not having A Khata but completed the construction great difficult in early 2016, In this scenario his friends are now eligible for the scheme but he is not. I am sure all other lakhs of such stories can be there in Bangalore alone. Now what so called contenders achieved than troubling other people dreams? builders kept on making the money by cheating the common man with such properties and government should rescue them as they are not dishonest or illegal.

  3. What about Sites and Buildings and Apartments formed in Survey Numbers of the concerned Villages before Notification by the BDA for formation of its Layouts ( Revenue Built Up Areas), now under the BBMP Limits and the Revenue Records / of the land such as R.T.C Phani showing the BDA Notification. Will these properties will be considered for regularization under this Akrama Sakrama by the authorities ?. These Properties have BBMP A and B Khathas also.

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