Benefits of Demonetisation – Facts

Benefits of Demonetisation – Facts – It will have a long term effects on our society

  1. 100% fake currency in Rs.500/- and Rs.1,000/- isout of circulation in one stroke!
  2. Cash lying with Terrorists, Maoists and Naxalites is useless.
  3. Hawala sources dried up for funding of terrorists, maoists, naxalites, conversion lobby and Jihadis.
  4. Jan Dhan accounts are fulled with money, Government started this scheme for financial inclusion purpose, but people were reluctant to keep money in the bank, but after demonetization started, citizens are ready to come back to the banking network and thereby our banking system strengthened, citizens will be the beneficiaries of financial inclusion!
  5. 55 lakh money disputes settled in one day in Lok Adalats
  6. 3 lakh crore money, already deposited in the banks!
  7. All business men and politicians are depositing cash lying with them as current year income with ADVANCE TAX
  8. All jewellers are being issued forms to declare their GOLD stock on day to day basis!
  9. Honest tax payers and law abiding citizens are very happy that all the illegal money gone to docks.