It is neither strange nor surprise that the Government has decided to collect Rs.890+ Crores from a BIG ENCROACHER, while removing the encroachment from small and petty poor citizens !!!!

But, the real game is different.

The alleged encroachment will be challenged by the encroacher in the court and it will drag on for years and in the meanwhile the encroacher will be enjoying the property and those who have bought the property and became members of this notorious elite club, will enjoy the benefits at the cost of the honest tax paying and law abiding citizens.

The alleged encroacher will not pay ANY MONEY TO THE GOVERNMENT and will NEVER PAY IT AT ALL.  The politicians and the officials will be ruuning after him for XXXXX.  The encroacher will become a GOLD MINE for some.

But, the fate of the poor man is different.  He has to pay money to regularise even the smallest of the irregularity, pay bribe and run around the offices for 100 of times.


The Ramanagaram district administration on Monday recovered 28.8 acres that had been ‘encroached’ upon by Eagleton Golf Resort at Bidadi on the outskirts of the city. The market rate of the land could be up to Rs. 200 crore, said Deputy Commissioner F.R. Jamadar. “They had encroached upon the land nearly two decades ago. However, the matter was in court. It was only after the Supreme Court verdict that we submitted a report to the State government saying the land should be recovered,”

The resort started operations in April 2000 on 509 acres that had been granted by the government under the tourism policy. It comprises a five-star-rated golf course, resorts and a “golf village”. After a Supreme Court direction, a Cabinet sub-committee began the process of fixing the value of 78 acres that had to be regularised. A few weeks ago, the Deputy Commissioner stated in a report that surveys revealed 28.8 acres had been encroached upon by constructing a wall around it.

NEWS REPORT ON 20-09-2016

The State government has decided to collect Rs. 998 crore from Eagleton Golf Resort in Bidadi for encroaching 77 acres of land.

Saying that the decision was taken following a “direction from the Supreme Court”, Revenue Minister Kagodu Thimmappa on Monday explained that valuation of the land has been done as per the market rates. However, the resort authorities expressed surprise at the Minister’s announcement and said they would fight it in court.

“We have moved a contempt petition against the State government in the Supreme Court for not following the earlier order. The Revenue Department had submitted an affidavit in the SC saying that the 77 acres be conditionally allotted to the golf course for Rs. 12.35 crore, apart from conversion charges. Now this statement from the Revenue Minister indicates a change in position. We will fight it out in court,” said Kiran Kumar M., managing director, Chamundeshwari Builtech, Eagleton Resorts.

Meanwhile, according to the Minister, the sum of Rs. 998 crore, which has to be “paid up immediately”, would be used for infrastructure development in Bengaluru. He blamed the “callous attitude” of revenue officials for the encroachment of prime government land by the resort and maintained that it would have been possible to prevent this if lower-level officials had been alert.

Expressing concern over large tracts of government land being encroached upon in the State, Mr. Thimmappa said village accountants and revenue inspectors would be held responsible in such cases. Residential quarters will be built for village accountants to ensure that they reside within their jurisdiction, he added.

The resort in Bidadi started operations in April 2000 on 509 acres, granted by the government under the tourism policy. It comprises a five-star golf course, resorts and a golf village. After a Supreme Court direction, a Cabinet sub-committee began fixing the value of the 77 acres that had to be regularised. About 28 acres of land is being recovered to be handed over to the Horticulture Department.

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