Big names in the big list of RICH AND POWERFUL encroachers in Kasavanahalli lake and raja kalve, Kaikondarahalli lake and raja kalve and Haralur lake and Raja kalve, but the BUYERS AND THE BANKERS ARE NOT AT ALL BOTHERED ABOUT THE ENCROACHMENTS, VIOLATIONS AND ILLEGALITIES.

Blindly buying it, knowing very well that there are all and every kind of illegalities and irregularities in the properties and then start WAILING, when there is punitive and recovery action by the Government stating that the plan has been sanctioned by the authorities ( all the facts have been misrepresented and misled the authorities with wrong statements) , Banks in criminal collusion with the sellers, issue pre launch approvals (For Money) and the brokers, marketing agents and the internet websites make money out of the sales.

Take Care.  Check the Documents.  However big, the seller or the builder is.