It is common knowledge that the DETECTED (There are too many undetected encroachments and violations)  encroachments of about 1200 cases, 100+ have been removed or demolished and there was hectic politicking and business, which includes the STATEMENTS by XXXXXXXXXXX and others, stating that NONE will be spared, it means that they will be spared for a XXXXX.

Notorious builders and others, who had encroached large stretch and diverted the raja kaluve and built roads, parks, swimming pools etc HAVE BEEN SPARED.

Some encroachers issued press statements and others kept low profile.

How could any officer or the Govt keep quiet?  Will the officers ever keep quiet?

It sheer COMMON SENSE, to know why they are issuing different statements day in and day out and did not touch HI FI properties.

WHY? Guess?

Goddesses Lakshmi plays a very vital role in this game and these encroachers are a GOLD MINE for all the officials and the Government for regular revenue or income.


  1. but It is like fun for a cat and fear for rat, Common People are suffering from fear of Losing their Lifetime savings and Dreams, So pathetic position of a middle class & innocent people in Bangalore.

    1. NO. It is not a game. When we buy vegetables for Rs.5/-, we check the top, bottom and weight it and bargain with the poor street vendor, is it not our duty to diligently check and verify the credentials of the seller,background, titles, survey records, municipal records and statutory compliance? Yes.

      But, the rich and mighty are spared. Poor suffer. It is the tragedy of our country.

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