The GPA or SPA must be registered with the jurisdictional sub-registrar and there is NO IRREVOCABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY, unless consideration or any amount paid to the executant or the principle by the agent or the attorney holder.

The GPA cannot be revoked or withdrawn or cancelled without the repayment of the amount received by the executant or the principle.

The registered GPA can be withdrawn or cancelled or revoked only by the DEED OF REVOCATION or by the decree of a court or by the consent of both the parties.

If the GPA is executed abroad must be validated or stamped by the concerned District Registrars in India, to execute the sale deed of a property.

Caution must be exercised, while, scrutinising the documents regarding the executant, date of execution, age of the parties, signature of the parties and the flow of titles.  If the executant of the principle has expired, then the GPA is not valid or becomes unenforceable.