`A`Katha – How did you get it ?

There is an investigation being conducted by the authorities regarding the register and transfer of A Katha in BBMP for the buildings which have violated the building by laws and deviated from the sanctioned building plans.  Furthermore, How A Katha was issued to properties on Raja kaluve and Lake bodies is being investigated.

75% of the buildings and houses have deviated from the sanctioned plan and violated the by laws and are legally ineligible to obtain A Katha, but many illegal apartments have A katha.

Before the purchase of the apartment or the site, check the A katha and how it was registered or transferred or issued?

Apartments without Occupancy Certificates have A katha, which is illegal and have obtained it through fraudulent manipulation and misrepresentation of facts, liable to be cancelled automatically.

There are only 36 Occupancy Certificates issued by the BBMP in the last few years and it is startling to know that majority of the apartment complex have A katha without proper documentation and compliance to the prevailing laws.

In Bommanahally Zone, It is said that one housing complex having violated more than 60% to 75% obtained A katha with the connivance of the BBMP Officials, which is under scrutiny.

AE, Many have A Katha and have built houses on the Raja Kaluve and on the periphery of the lake, have defective titles and discrepancy in the survey records.

2 thoughts on “`A`Katha – How did you get it ?

  1. Why there are no action taken against any of the officials who allowed all these that too in writing with authorized signatory? Also in one of your article earlier it was told that buyer also in problem for misrepresentation of facts. However, builder has never shared all those details with buyers. Only buyer lost all money and his children became homeless with tears in their eyes. These sentiments apply with innocent ones who don’t see property from commercial point of view. There maybe many who might have consciously done that. Bbmp should have courtesy to make builder responsible and special court should order to find out alternative for already innocent buyers who has been deceived. By this way bbmp provide Justice to buyers and builders will be conscious about any violation in future. Also ecopack kind of groups should write on need for Karnataka state to have a real estate regulatory authority rather than reporting bbmp’s doing as heroism. By making some people homeless one night without any alternative option or suggestion will make bbmp not trustworthy. With this I decided that I will not buy any property in Bangalore and will move out of Bangalore.

    1. We are not subscribing to the acts of BBMP and are cautioning the buyers against such transactions and activities. The buyers must also initiate appropriate legal proceedings against the seller, when such an event arises. The Owner of such properties must complain about such irregularities and illegalities to the concerned authorities, must also conduct diligent enquiry about the titles and compliance before the purchase.

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