Encroachments-builders and developers are missing – their name does not appear in any documents

BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS who have developed and sold properties on the raja kaluve and on the lake bed are missing or absconding

The developer who formed and sold the sites at Asub , is nowhere to be found. In fact, their name doesn’t feature on any of the records available with the investigating agency, because of the simple reason; it was developed in the name of the original owner and their family and sold in their name by the developer.  Both the owners are dead now and the owners son, might be alive.

Their name of the developers does not appear in any document and in such a situation, how can anybody arrest or take action or demand compensation from them in any court of law?

Meanwhile, police are also in search of other builders who have constructed apartments in Bilekahalli village and surrounding area. It is said that almost all developers and builders have gone to ground to escape the massive search initiated by BMTF sleuths.

Another portion of land developed around these lakes is by another builder, who is a native of Haralur and Ambalipura.  He has developed the DC Converted sites in that area and sold it to many persons.  Few of them have constructed APARTMENTS in that highly congested area with a narrow road.

It is also said or alleged that some of the sellers/agents/developers have also amalgamated Kharab/kaalu daari and bandi daari in the DC Converted layouts and sold it in that area and the buyers are waiting for AKRAMA-SAKRAMA.  The strange part of this sordid story is that few DC Converted site owners have got A Kahta and resold the sites in the same area, where many are unable to get it regularized and obtain A katha.


It is said that the apartments constructed have also encroached upon the raja kaluve, kaalu daari, bandi daari and kharab in some parts of the villages around sarjapur road.