Encroachments in Bangalore East Taluk might begin soon – MAJA TALKIES TRUE STORIES

Encroachments of raja kaluve, secondary channel and territory channels might be cleared in three villages of K.R.Puram, Bangalore East Taluk, abutting Hebbal.

It is learnt that revenue sketches have been morphed or fabricated or misrepresented (Fake-Bogus-Fabricated) and obtained katha and building plan in thanisandra, hennur, rachenahally and surrounding villages.

There are many DC Converted sites and Revenue sites without proper survey, revenue and title records.

There are too many sites and houses on BDA acquired layouts in 15 villages and in xxxxxxxxx village alone in few survey numbers of Mufatkaval, about 70 acres (kahrab) have been under dispute and there are too many claimants with original owners along with revenue site owners.

Everywhere, there is encroachment of BDA land, Revenue land, illegal sale of agricultural land and encroachment of Raja Kaluve and the lake.

Maja Talkies True Story 

15 villages notified by the authority and the sites of the poorest of the poor in these villages worth crores

The owners and the claimants are All Poor crorepatis and bought it with hardly earned money.        ( in lakhs only) and are quoting Rs.5,000/- per square feet to Rs.7,000/- per square feet of BDA (acquired) (some have BDA NOC- some are original and many are fake or bogus) property and have formed associations to protect their properties and fight cases in courts.

In this zone, in one of the parallel roads to main road,  the poor have bought the sites (DC Converted sites) but no ROADS and the price they bought was Rs.300/- per square feet and these poor wants Rs.3,000/- per square feet (NOW) for their illegal sites without road approach and are very wise, honest, humble, hard working and are not rigid and GREEDY AT ALL and require/demand the Government to provide FREE water, lighting, road and other infrastructure at the COST OF THE HONEST, LAW ABIDING AND TAX PAYING CITIZEN.

The real poor is languishing in one corner of Bangalore, tired, weak, fed up and works hard day and night to have two square meals and not bothered about the sites or houses.