It is common knowledge that some property owners ( Constructed Buildings ) declare the lesser extent of the constructed area either commercial or residential buildings to evade taxes, is done deliberately.

There are some, who have built commercial buildings and are paying taxes as RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS.

There are few, who have leased or let out the buildings both commercial as well as residential buildings and declare it as SELF OCCUPIED.

There are few, who have not paid property or municipal taxes at all.

If the BBMP, conducts the proper verification and assess the property to tax, the revenue from the property taxes will MULTIPLY.

Further, the BBMP engineers and the Revenue Officers must check, inspect, measure and verify the SANCTIONED BUILDING PLAN and if the building had not been constructed as per the sanctioned plan, immediate action must be initiated and appropriate tax for the period must be collected from the property owners who have violated the by laws and deviated from the sanctioned building plan.  The BBMP`s Revenue will be MULTI FOLD and it need not seek any assistance from the Government.

To a certain extent, only the residential apartments owners are paying as per the Super Built Up Area, as they have borrowed home loans and the size is reflected in the Sale Deed as well as in the Katha.

The BBMP authorities have issued notices to few property owners stating that the actual area or the actual, physical and exact extent of construction and the size or area declared for the tax assessment purpose varies.  The BBMP has sanctioned plan copies, CC and OC, in which the size of construction is mentioned in detail  and the authorities cannot lay the blame on the property owners stating that they have falsified or declared the wrong or understated the constructed area.