The effects of NGT order on lakes and raja kaluve

Ignorance is Bliss: For un approved, illegal, unauthorised, green belt, DC Converted sites owners and fake katha property owners across the state, are a happy lot, as long as they are Ignorant about the prevailing laws.

There are innumerable layouts formed in Green Belt, Agricultural Zone, amidst Raja Kaluve, Encroaching the lake and on Gomala Land in Bangalore rural and urban districts.  The State Government has demarcated the Bannergatta National Park`s Eco Sensitive zones and over 30 villages and the layouts are affected by the order.

It is presumed that there are over 1,00,000 revenue sites, DC Converted sites (both legal and illegal) which are abetting the lakes, raja kaluves, kalu daari and bandi daari. 

Even, the BMRDA approved layouts in and around Anekal Taluk, where a large number of lakes are encroached and the sites near the border or the boundary of the lakes are affected by the NGT Order.  One such case is in Rajapura Village.

The incomplete projects by DLF, Hiranandani and others in Hulimavu on Begur Road, which has a large chunk of Raja Kaluve and secondary drains, might be badly affected as the project is still under litigation and had not been completed and the plan had been modified/altered/amended.  Another builders project at seethramayyana kere in Bangalore East might also be affected.  A leading builder`s project near kaikondarahally-ambalipura-kasavanahally-lakes will definitely be affected, as the residential complex is just 100 feet from the boundary wall of the lake, which had been enhanced to 250 feet, as it still incomplete and had not obtained OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE.

As per the RERA, any project/building/apartment, which has not obtained the OCCUPANCY CERTIFICATE from the competent authority is considered as INCOMPLETE and will be affected by the Act.