The Supreme court of India has stayed the orders of the NGT till further hearings and the Mantri Techzone got the reprieve from the strict action and the plaints have been issued notices, But the problem is FAR FROM OVER AND  NOT OVER FOR MANTRI.

The Citizens group will fight this project – Tooth and Nail – might bury it.

There are various other Apartment complex of Mantri in Kanakapura Road abutting the Raja Kaluve (Demolition Man was in action but postponed it and now with NGT orders- DEMOLITION MAN GOT MORE POWERS) and few are in Manyata Techpark.

It has become a passion for the builders to encroach and concretise the raja kaluve and play havoc with environment.

This order is a great booster to the builder, so that they could intimate the buyers that they have won the case.  It is not so.  The Supreme Court has given them an opportunity to present their case and HAVE NOT WON.  THE STAY ORDER IS TEMPORARY.