It is found that over hundred apartments (building plan approved by BDA and BBMP) and unauthorised or illegal apartments stands on the LAKE BEDS/BUFFER ZONE and on the Government land as per the report of the committee, which are due for a hearing and if proved that these properties stand on the lake bed/buffer zone or on encroached land, it is LIABLE TO BE REMOVED OR DEMOLISHED.

In case of dead lakes or dry lakes, if a portion is used for burial ground, road or bus stand for the public purpose, the government or the legislature may take an appropriate decision to retain such developments for the public purpose.

The XXXXXX GROUP Name appears in the Haralur Lake Encroachment List, (Varthur Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk – The conjunction of two lakes – Kasavanahally lake and Haralur lake) where there is huge residential complex had been approved by the BDA and BBMP and the work is in progress.